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Using Formative in the Modern Classroom
Even when we know a Modern Classroom might be the best approach for our students, getting started can be a challenge. After all, so many of us barely know what we’re teaching today, let alone next week! While it’s true that a Modern Classroom requires a bit more work upfront than a traditionally-taught classroom, there are tools that can help. Enter Formative: Formative helps teachers unlock additional superpowers, improve student engagement and accelerate learning.

Join Toni Rose Deanon, Modern Classrooms Project's Community Engagement Manager, Nicole Sterling, Formative’s Community & Engagement Manager, and Craig Meyers, Educator, to explore how you can use Formative to engage, instruct, and assess. All attendees will receive a certificate for 30 minutes of professional learning, resources to make using Formative easier than ever, and tips for making your Modern Classroom work for you and your students.


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